Christian Author Donna Fawcett/Dawson

Encouragement, education and entertainment in faith and in life.

An Introduction

Life is not easy and, in spite of public misconception, the life of a writer is not filled with glamour and gold.  Yet, we still find the occasional nugget of information that impacts us and this is worth far more than a chunk of metal and a crowd of strangers patting us on the back.  This is a place of sharing those nuggets.  Join me.

Life is a Choice

Choice.  It is the one word which affects all aspects of life.  It is the theme I often choose when asked to speak because, truly, nothing can happen in our lives without choice.  We choose what we eat, what we wear, where we go.  Even the slave chooses how they will face their slavery.  The abuse victim chooses to continue living in the memories of their abuse or they choose to rise above it. (I don't say that callously but as one who has had first hand experience.) As writers, we choose to continue in spite of the challenges that come with finding a publisher, agent or editor--or not.  We choose what we believe and we choose to base those beliefs on what we decide is fact.


As writers--as human beings--we have a responsibility to test everything before we print it.  Did that information really come from a reliable source or were we just hoping that it did since it fits what we choose to believe?  Is that document we have based our life's hopes on authentic or do we choose to turn a blind eye to its inconsistencies.  We choose.  Every moment of every day we choose.  We choose to grumble when we work or we choose to be grateful that we are capable of work.  We choose to condemn the boss for giving us yet another task without extra pay or we choose to thank the boss for being kind enough not to downsize--with us being the recipient of the latest employment cut.


What will you choose--today--in this moment?  Will you choose to get on with life--to grab hold of it with all the zeal you can manage?  Or will you repeat the oft used mantra of the unsatisfied? My life stinks.  I wish I could...I wish I had...I wish I was...blah...blah...blah.  You choose.  And once you have made your choice, you will be faced with the trophies or the trials or both.  As for me, I choose to write and sing and dance.  I choose to share my joy with anyone willing to listen or read.  Life is good if we choose it to be so.